Europäisches Jugendparlament in Salzburg

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Vom 30. 01. – 1. 02. 2020 habe ich (Filipp Pirke) an der EYP Regional Session Salzburg teilgenommen. Über den Zeitraum von diesen drei Tagen habe ich mich mit jungen, an Politik interessierten Menschen ausgetauscht und über wichtige europäische Themen debattiert. Wir wurden in verschiedene Komitees aufgeteilt, welche wir vorab nach Interesse auswählen durften. Ich hatte mich für das Komitee für ,,Environment, Public Health and Food Safety‘‘ (ENVI) entschieden. Während am ersten Tag noch Teambuilding innerhalb der einzelnen Komitees angesagt war, ging es am zweiten Tag wahrlich zur Sache. Jedes Komitee hatte ein bestimmtes Problemthema, welches es bearbeiten und die Lösungen dafür am letzten Tag vor den restlichen Komitees vorstellen musste. Begleitet wurden diese Lösungen von mehreren darauffolgenden Reden, eine davon war die ,,Defense Speech‘‘: Diese Rede musste ich zum Thema ,,Burnout‘‘ vortragen.

Dear Mr. President, honourable members of the board and my fellow delegates,
Hello my name is Filipp. First and foremost, why is burnout such a serious issue? We all have been there, feeling stressed, unmotivated and low, but at which point can we start talking about burnout?
At the beginning we agreed on 2 main problems. Firstly the unawareness of the people about burnout in generall and secondly WHO’s definition of burnout as an occupational phenomenon.
It is important to point out that burnout doesn’t only concern employees, but also students. That’s the reason why we brought up the solution of including burnout prevention into the corriculum of future teachers and raising the student’s awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Furthermore the security of knowing that help is being provided for them.
However, due to the unawareness, prejudices can accure, especially at work. One oft hem for example is that people use burnout as an excuse to skip work. Therefore we came up with our solutions to clear up these prejudices.
But of course not everyone works in a company that can affort workshops and therapy sessions. That’s why we want to use TV and social media to reach different target groups by also using an age based media campaign.
To sum up, prevention of burnouts is our main goal and the most important tool to reach our aim is imprinting the importance of this subject on the public mind. Furthermore burnout does have an enormous effect on our personal life. If we are stressed and extremily challanged at work or academics , we can’t bond within social relationships.
So is work really worth risking our state of health and social relationships?